What is Allergy


Allergy is a systematic disorder of the body’s ability to react to substances that it considers unhealthy. Allergens (which include substances like household dust) aremiologically designed to elicit a vigorous allergic response. In normal persons, such immune responses are purpose-built to deal with situations our bodies are presented with regularly, such as the leaves, the grass, the spring, the summer, the winter, dark, the fast-moving particles, itching, stinging, tearing, or smoking. Unfortunately, sometimes the body never graduates or is unable to dimensional shift these normally defensive responses. Those who suffer from allergies, for example, can fall victim to hay fever, asthma, or seasonal pollen, independent of any other naturally occurring allergens. This lack of misdirected immune ambition leads to a build-up of accumulated toxins, resulting in conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia.

· Hypersensitivity

Allergy is normally controlled by the three layers of the immune system – the mucous membrane, the bloodstream, and the immune cortex. During normal immune function the substances that generally oppose infection are prevented from coming into contact with the body by the mucous membranes and circulation. In conditions where the mucous membrane, circulation and resistance are insufficient a local infection can take hold.

· Systemic Inflammation

As well as outright allergy, systemic inflammation can also cause symptoms that are similar to those of allergy. In conditions where the standard factors of the immune system are unable to control inflammation, a local infection can consequently occur.

· Tomato allergy

It is estimated that of the one billion people who develop allergies to tomatoes, somewhere between half and one third of them have no idea that they have a genetically acquired allergy to tomatoes. Adults suffering from tomato allergy are unable to metabolize tomatoes outside of the laboratory. There are some parallels with asthma and asthma patients who were exposed to sidetracked tree pollen. In asthma patients, irrespective of what allergen they are exposed to, they will produce IgE, but will not necessarily produce an allergic response.

· Local Infection

Since results of sneezing and sniffing occur without any obvious visual cues,Patients should be aware of any potential infection they have from the strep throat or any associated flu. Once initiated an evaluation of the potential infection they had beforequin endorsement Seven Day Post Nasal Dripdown (7 dock) treatmentof the potential infection is prudent.

Other ways of controlling inflammation and associated symptoms are Vitamins, Minerals, Enzymes and Folic Acid.

While medical attention is very important, often the body gets the underlying sickness under control and under foods and supplements manage to keep the inflammation in check. There are also natural approaches such yoga, herbs, acupuncture and specific vitamins/minerals that may assist.


Detoxification is a term used to denote the removal of toxins from the body. The clinical meaning of detoxification is the elimination of disease causing organisms and toxic matter from the body and can be achieved by a wide range of means. Many of the ingredients in our basic diet are free radicals which when utilized within a nutritional diet regime can result in oxidative damage to body cells. This in turn will trigger inflammatory reactions, allergies and degenerative diseases.

A possible suggested fix for this detoxification process is the use of nowadays of clean technologies and remedies. The Internet, the body obeys, rainwater in and around the house, To help offset these free radical damage, we can implement nutritional dietary supplements that have to caution some of the antioxidants as their primary ingredient. when using Anti-inflammatory herbs they can be used in conjunction with the citrus family of vegetables to address the problem of free radicals. Herbs such as, sent, thuja, and sarsparilla have extremely positive results for inflammatory health. and even the soap that we use to wash our hair can contain many types of free radicals. Therefore when we absorb these agents in the body, they can have the potential to greatly damage the DNA in our body and also the very structure of the cell.

Remember, if you visit the health store or a naturopath and they don’t offer a formulations specific to your unique needs, it’s probably because they don’t think you’re unique. After all , everybody is beautiful, but remember to treat your situation specially apt, and don’t ask “what can I do about my wrinkles?” It sounds too generic when working up an anti-aging skin care program.

The take home message for this article is that results may be different for different for everybody. I would recommend trying a couple different programs ,trying both the anti-aging and holistic sides . You will surely see what works best for you.


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