Studies of Massage for Injury Patients

Injury Massage

That was what I was looking for. While it’s true that massage can help reduce stress and suffering caused by a sprained ankle, thumb, or various body parts, its effects on a person’s emotions or state of mind are still largely unknown. Granted, anything that meets the basic definition of relaxation helps, and massage does just that.

Having said that, there have been a few massage treatments which have proven they can go a long way in eliminating those post workout aches, especially heel pain. Japan instituted massage as a military strategy in World War II, and the practice has since become a part of that nation’s national healthcare system.

In these modern times, massage can be beneficial for anyone experiencing an injury- regardless of the length of time the individual has been injured. Athletes are increasingly turning to massage at The Spa and Lash Studio Clearfield to help speed the rehabilitation process and to help strengthen and rehabilitate for their bodies.

What can a massage therapist do for you?

Massage increases flexibility. Massage increases range of motion. Massage helps to ease the pain and stress off your muscles. Massage massages the body’s soft tissues which are not as easy to do as one would think.

Soft tissue massage helps to ease the pain of deep tissue injuries by increasing blood flow and helping to irrigate the affected area.

Massage massages the soft tissues of the body so that the muscles are easier to move.

It also helps to improve circulation.

It is also a way to reduce the build up of fluids in certain parts of the body, which can help to prevent muscles from suffering from cramping.

Massage massages the muscles and joints in the body. It helps to improve joint mobility.

It relaxes your muscles and joints so that you are better able to continue your normal daily activities.

It helps to reduce the lactic acid levels in the body. lactic acid is the lactic acid that is building up in your muscles and joints to start putting pressure on the muscles and joints.

It improves the oxygen flow to the muscles and joints.

It helps to stop and relieve the soreness of muscles and joints after a rigorous workout.

It can also help our lymphatic system run properly.

It improves the body’s immunity.

It helps to improve digestive system.

Massage helps to release accumulated “solids” in our soft tissue.

It helps us to relax.

Massage allows for the free flow of polarity energy. Polarity energy is the energy that created existence. The free flow of polarity energy is impossible without a balanced nervous system. As you can probably figure out, a nervous system is involved in every function of the body. The brain, spinal cord and nerve roots are the most involved organs in the nervous system.

It helps to enhance your reflexes.

It improves coordination.

It helps to increase the blood circulation within the body. This will in turn increase the speed at which the body heals and regenerates cells and tissues. This will make your body function better.

Injury Massage

We could go on and on but the fact is the massage has been used for hundreds of years to treat injuries and you should check to see what massage can do for your injury!

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